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May 2020

Sports From The Hoodwood 5-21

This Edition of the Hoodwood 

Will MLB labor pains wreck the 2020 season

Incentivizing Minority Hires with draft picks (How stupid is that?)

Are the 90s Bulls the greatest dynasty?

Hoodwood Hot 5 w/ Phat Dap-Head Slap

A final word: Did we take sports for granted

Apr 2020

Sports From The Hoodwood 4-18

Video Simulcast available on Amazon Prime from Rage Pictures!

Will the Bengals pick Burrow?

Do KG, Kobe and Timmy D headline the best ever hoop hall of fame class?

Will we not see College Football till NEXT SPRING?

Hoodwood Hot 5 

Phat Dap/Head Slap

Final Word: Heres to you Mr. Robinson

Apr 2020

Sports From The Hoodwood 4-8

Continuing to change up the format. Here is the audio file of the latest podcast. Available soon on Amazon Prime in video form as well!

Apr 2020

Sports From The Hoodwood 4-5

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Hoodwood is back!

We're gonna get through this, but how do the sports start up again?

A Theory on MJ's "baseball sabbatical"

Mar 2020

Hoodwood update

Greetings from the Hoodwood, 

While we are all trying to get through this Coronavirus mess, it has not affected the far. 

But KJ why no show last week?

Yes, I was ill, no I didnt have the virus. I had a cold. But my computer equipment was acting up and not intergrating with the new microphone and mixer I have installed. So im redoing the whole thing. Black Bandit Productions and enterprises is getting a makeover. Im going to be producing the show on a Mac and will be also doing video right along side in real time. The changes are exciting and while they are massive they will take me a bit of time to implement. So with much of the sporting world on hiatus, I will be on hiatus getting the show reconfigured. We will get through this, the reconfiguration, the virus mess and come out on the other side, stronger and better than ever. In the meantime, stayed washed up, prayed up and as healthy as you can be. We WILL get through this together. I WILL see you on the other side of this fellow sports fans and boy will we have a LOT to talk about!!!

Best regards to you and your from here in the Hoodwood


Mar 2020

Sports From The Hoodwood 3-6

Short episode due to technical difficulties

Full Episode next week!

Feb 2020

Sports From The Hoodwood 2-21

NFL: Are they on the playoff change movement too?

MLB: Are the Astros about to embrace the bad guy mantra?

NBA:  All Star game

Hoodwood Hot 5

Phat Dap Head Slap

Final Word: Will we ever have a real commissioner in sports?

Feb 2020

Sports From The Hoodwood 2-14

Its nothing but love...for sports! This week in the Hoodwood

MLB: Planning radical playoff changes?

NFL: Could we be looking at massive moves this offseason

XFL: Could this be a real deal?

Hoodwood Hot 5

Phat Dap Head Slap

Final Word: Should the Astros be stripped of their title?

Feb 2020

Sports From The Hoodwood 2-7

Chiefs are the champs: But did the Niners blow their chance to win their 6th

NBA trading deadline deals

Does Pete Rose deserve to be reinstated

Hoodwood Hot 5

Phat Dap Head Slap

Final Word: Vick vs Rose getting second chances

Jan 2020

Sports From The Hoodwood 1-31

Hoodwood 1-31

Kobe: The sporting world mourns the loss of legend

49ers Chiefs who wins the Big Game in Miami

New All Star Game Format: Will It work longterm

Hoodwood Hot 5

Phat Dap Head Slap

Final Word: What we saw in Kobe